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Melissa Miles McCarter
Mommy who writes on the side about mental health, family, pop culture, feminism, and more. Editor of — Find out more

One of my passion projects is editing the online publication, “Pop Off.” I created it on the Medium platform to provide thoughtful commentary, think-pieces, reviews, and personal essays on everything pop culture.

I did so because I didn’t see this approach to pop culture represented in many places online. But…

Who am I and what do I write about?

I am at heart a mommy who writes on the side.

But it took a long time to earn that title.

From the loss of my daughter to SIDS, the ups and downs of step-parenting my now 20 year old, to a long journey of infertility that culminated in my now 5 year old daughter arriving by way of IVF…

Now she gives us permission to own our story.

25 years ago, I heard this opening for the first time on the radio:

I want you to know, that I am happy for you

I wish nothing but the best for you both

An older version of me

Is she perverted like me?

Would she go down on you…

I am disappointed Adele is no longer “fat.”

Adele is a highly produced image that has consequences on the public’s perception of her. The singer’s narrative of losing weight is actually disappointing to many. Additionally, Adele’s chronicling her weight-loss can contribute to a fat-phobic culture.

In a perfect world, with…

Margaret Atwood waded into TERF territory.

If you don’t know what TERF is, it’s trans exclusionary radical feminism. Basically, it’s a line of thought that claims so-called “real women” are only those born with a vagina and XX chromosomes. …

Jonathan Kent, the new iteration of Superman, is bisexual, according to DC Comics.

Seventeen-year-old Jonathan Kent, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, is the star of the upcoming new comic book series, “Superman: Son of Kal-El.” …


Women need the space and stability to parent the way they want.

Working mothers have to make difficult decisions — like deciding when should they take a step back from their job to parent their children.

Most working men don’t have to make that decision. This is true even after years since feminism allowed women to make so many strides in terms…

Bethenny Frankel decided to weigh in on trans children and it caused a lot of backlash.

Basically, the reality star and Skinny Girl brand creator questioned the use of pronouns on her podcast Just B with Bethenny Frankel.

In doing so, she discussed what she describes as someone with female…


The show’s debacle discourages the reluctant.

You might have seen the news headline that said Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro, two hosts on the show — who were also vaccinated — tested positive for COVID-19. …

Every episode of The Good Fight starts out making me think it’s jumped the shark.

And then it ends with me thinking it reflects AND anticipates reality.

In case you don’t know, The Good Fight is the series that continues the world of The Good Wife, which starred Julianna Margulie…

Melissa Miles McCarter

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